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DiGiTech Solutions is Best Lead Generation Company in Pune. We provide Best Leads related to your Business By using our services like SEO/SEM/SMO/SMM/Email Marketing & Cold calling.

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DiGiTech Solutions is a lead generation company in Pune, providing services for lead conversion through cold calling/SMM/Email marketing and bulk SMS messaging in Pune, India.


We work towards the proper and timely refinement of our leadership scoring criteria to meet the specific needs of our clients. Various campaigns, including bulk email and bulk SMS, are redesigned and generated based on your current business needs and working conditions. We bring high benefits to your business by bringing a range of promotional marketing ideas. We have a highly reliable mailing server, which has an infinite scope that ensures sending email and delivery of queued emails.




Business lead generation is the first step that is taken in the sales cycle. To be able to do this effectively, we carefully analyze your target market. We then formulate a strategy to engage the decision makers within your target market and implement it accordingly. There are many ways to help increase your sales results. Our expertise in lead-to-lead Generation service in Pune together with our strategic customer management is ideal for all types of Business deals. This is due to the fact that our systems are flexible and can be modified according to the specific needs of our customers and the nature of their Business.

When we talk about international Business, all suppliers face many major challenges in generating new leads and frequent visits due to long distance in place. Therefore, lead generation through Digital marketing not only describes the marketing process of increasing interest and enthusiasm in a product or service with the aim of developing the sales pipeline, but also reducing costly travel. At DiGITech Solutions, we are narrowing this gap by crafting customized emails as per the language and choice used in 70+ countries. Doing language and cultural focused campaigns around the world will ensure that you get the best responses from abroad for your Business.

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Today, the constant rate at which the business world is rapidly changing, an updated source of relevant information and new trade leads is needed. DiGiTech Solutions provides services that can help you generate the leads you need for your business. Our optimal methods are best suited for obtaining the most appropriate information that comes from different backgrounds to any customer. Our highly skilled and talented team of professionals strives to bring out the best in you. We also calculate the leads we generate so that what you get is absolutely sophisticated with a high probability of conversion.

DiGiTech Solutions is a lead generation company in Pune, providing services for lead conversion through email advertising and bulk SMS messaging. We work towards appropriate, accurate and timely refinement of our lead scoring criteria to meet our customers’ specific needs and requirement. Various campaigns, including bulk email and SMS, are redeveloped and generated based on your current business needs and your working conditions. We bring benefits to your business by bringing a wide range of promotional marketing ideas. We specialize in lead generation programs and provide the best lead generation service in Pune. We have a highly reliable mailing server with unlimited scope that ensures sending email and delivery of queued emails.

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DiGiTech Solutions services

What You Get

Guaranteed Lead via SMS
Send Bulk SMS by Putting IVR Number in SMS Content and Get Direct Leads Call from customer
Bulk SMS Campaigning
Don’t Waste your time in SMS Sending, We will do it for you on our Premium Database
Text Messaging
All Types of SMS under Single Accounts. Promotional, Transactional, API, Plugins, 10 Digit SIM Based and more..
URL Tracking
Send Any URL via SMS Our server auto create a small url and provide proper Tracking Report of Every SMS
Generate Traffic
Get Maximum Trafic on your Website/Apps via Bulk SMS with analytics, It’s on CPO Basis
Report & Analytics
Crystal Clear Delivery report with live status, Our Advance DLR give you assurity that your sms delivered or not
Rapport Building
Notify your Clients Via SMS and Build Your Rapport, It’s Doesn’t matter from which Business vertical you are
100% Responsive UI
Advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra modern world and thus its outcome does not seem an unreal too.
Developer API
HTTP-API, XML, SDK, Web Plugins easy to use Parameter with Free Developer Support who best for any Application.

                                                   ♦   Increase your number of customers… get more people to buy from you.

                                                   ♦   Increase your average transaction sale… sell more to your clients.

                                                   ♦   Increase the frequency of purchase… encourage repeat sales.

                                                   ♦   Lower your expenses… spend less money by improving your Return on Investment(ROI).  

Keyword Search

We do advance Keyword research for our clients that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject.

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Competitive Analysis

We help finding the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors to identify opportunities and threats.

Link Building

Link building refers to the process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website. This is one of the many tactics used in SEO.

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